By Christine Castor, human for good

With 2020 being a complete hot mess, I’m sure we’re all primed and ready to make 2021 the best year of our lives. Hopefully, that includes doing some good!

Making New Year resolutions is one way we can achieve our goals and keep in line with our values. Promising to do good is easy, actually following through is err.. trickier. Study suggests that 22% of those who made New Year resolutions admit failure after one week. 40% don’t even make it past one month. That’s not very encouraging, at all.

So, what can be…

By Georgia Marshall, Founder of Humans For Good

It might seem as though your actions don’t count in the big scheme of things. But the more of us that give gifts consciously this Christmas, the better our collective impact will be on the planet — and on others.

Firstly, it’s worth considering gifting an experience or contribution to a charity, instead of a physical object. In 2018 alone, Australians spent a massive $400 million dollars on 10 million unwanted gifts. …

Humans For Good

Let’s do good. We’re a bunch of humans taking action about issues that matter 🌏 @humansforgoodau

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