12 Good Goals For 2021

By Christine Castor, human for good

With 2020 being a complete hot mess, I’m sure we’re all primed and ready to make 2021 the best year of our lives. Hopefully, that includes doing some good!

Making New Year resolutions is one way we can achieve our goals and keep in line with our values. Promising to do good is easy, actually following through is err.. trickier. Study suggests that 22% of those who made New Year resolutions admit failure after one week. 40% don’t even make it past one month. That’s not very encouraging, at all.

So, what can be done? A good place to start is keeping resolutions simple, specific, and realistic. Here are 12 easy suggestions to try.

01 – Keep your teeth pristine, but use bamboo!

02 – Let go of the disposable cup

03 – Cut down on single use food packaging

04 – Organise your 5-guest house party with reusable party kits

05 – Or maybe, try out a meatless BBQ

06 – Grow your own herbs

07 – Getting your tan on? Take three for the sea!

08 – Ordering Uber Eats for the nth time? How about ordering lunch for yourself and someone else?

09 – Updating your wardrobe? Check the brand’s sustainability rating

10 – Make every crap count

11 – Stay updated on socials and do good at the same time!

12 – Buy secondhand, or participate in the nation’s biggest weekend of garage sales

There are many more good goals where these come from! For more inspiration, make sure to join the Humans For Good community on Facebook.

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